We created an attractive, unique, powerful Tablet that has the first fully transparent structure in the world. Schok mini clearly departs from the traditional same mold, one size fits all philosophy with the sole mission of being as personal, unique and powerful as its future owner


The most powerful
tablet in its class



Thanks to its 8-core, 64 bit & 2GB ultra fast memory Schok mini is a "Gaming monster machine". Hey! we don't leave any Gamer behind! Other similar priced tablets are still using previous generation chipsets that are not capable to use the latest technologies in efficiency, power and bandwidth clearly lagging behind in overall Performance.


Double the core &
bandwidth, versus our
closest competitor

Newest Octa-Core Cortex A53, 64bit, 1.5Ghz. Big-Little Architecture


Ultra fast:
runs smoothly,

runs efficiently!


2GB Ultra fast DDR3 RAM & 16 Gb in memory

The more memory (RAM) the more fluid the system becomes, Tablets in this segment have 1GB to a maximum of 1.5GB in RAM which may cause that games or productivity apps run at not their full potential. As a result, the customer satisfaction is far from good

In addition, Schok mini has 16GB in usable memory which is more than enough to download all the Apps in your imagination. As a fun fact, at the end of last year the average number of Apps used by consumers in their Tablets and Smartphones were 27.1. With Schok mini 16gb in memory you will be able to easily download twice the number of apps and if needed more space, use the Schok mini built-in SD card slot, insert up to 64GB SD card to expand the system memory to a whopping 48GB of space..


Gorgeous colors,
great viewing angles!


7 inches,
IPS HD 1280 x 800
pixels display

Schok mini has an outstanding 7 inches, IPS HD 1280 x 800 pixels display with a 10 point capacitive touch panel that produces Gorgeous colors, ast refresh rate and great viewing angles. Our capacitive touch panel uses 10 points instead of our closest competitor with just 5 points. The more points the touch panel has the faster response, the better accuracy as well as you are now capable to play complex games using ten fingers instead of one.

If this is not enough, Schok mini is a true video power house, its compatible with the industry newest video codecs and it’s one the very few tablets in the world to be able to reproduce without problems the newest video compressors such as H.265 or real 4K signals through its built-in HDMI2.0 port


A true stereophonic sound experience:
use it loud!



Schok mini has two HD loud speakers enclosed and fully sealed on a dedicated mini-cabinet. In order to have a true stereophonic sound experience.

Schok mini was created with two HD loud speakers that are fully enclosed on a dedicated custom built mini-cabinet. Generally speaking, this process is reserved for very expensive Tablets. In contrast, our closest competitor uses only one speaker with no sealed enclosure and in some cases just secured using the magnet of the speaker directly to the device back plate of the display creating a far from good listening experience.


All the connectivity that you need!


WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
and GPS

Outside the box Schok mini has WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and GPS as well as we added a vibration sensor similar to the ones that you can feel in smartphones, this is a great notification tool as well as when chatting, brings the text to life with its vibration feedback.


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