A Socially Responsible Company

Who is Schok?

Schok is an American company that began its commercial activities in 2016. We are revolutionizing the entry and mid-segment smartphone market by delivering Best-In-Class devices with proprietary AI software and services improving our consumer’s life.

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Who owns Schok?

Schok is a private company owned by partners that share a passion for technology and the mission to close the acquisition price gap for premium devices for the masses.

Where is Schok based?

Schok is an American company incorporated in Delaware, United States of America. Its headquarters are based in Frisco, TX 10 miles north of the city of Dallas, TX.

Business Ethics

At Schok, we believe that if you conduct business with integrity, have an unwavering commitment to ethics and privacy, and are a good corporate citizen, we will have a more robust company, superior customer satisfaction, and products that will be loved by millions.

Our leadership leads by example and does not believe in cutting corners to bring the best devices to our customers. We are committed to building a culture of compliance, transparency, and an atmosphere of integrity.

Cross-Cultural Conscious

In Schok we believe that globalization demands the inclusion and collaboration of diverse cultures. Schok devoted great importance to global and diversified operations.

At Schok, we see inclusion as a way to connect diverse perspectives that will spark new ideas, explore new possibilities, and tap into the power of our local and global partners, resulting on stronger relationships and better products.

Globally Respected Suppliers

As part of creating reliable devices with minimal carbon emissions, Schok has invested heavily on securing strong relationships with global partners that share the same level of respect for the environment as well as the health and safety of our associates and employees.

Treating people with fairness, dignity, respect, and operating ethically in our supply chain are core values at Schok that we uphold through our policies and reinforce through our actions.

Environmental Sustainability

Schok strongly believes in recycling and saving our planet; therefore, striving for the highest ethical and responsible practices, continues to be a top priority.

Electronic recycling has practices that have a negative effect on our environment, specifically when toxic materials are transported to countries that have less environmental oversight than the United States.

As a socially responsible company, Schok has made an active decision to maintain the R2 certification guidelines that verify safe downstream recycling in other markets, and have the best environmental outcome.

Thank you and remember, to be responsible with our planet.